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By signing this agreement, Host and Guest agree to abide by the following terms:

  • Host will provide a furnished room.  The listed rate will include heat and hot water. The agreed rate is to be paid promptly on the monthly anniversary of Guest’s arrival.   Any security deposit required by Host will be acknowledged above.  Security deposit will be returned to Guest upon leaving, unless Guest has caused damage beyond normal wear and tear to Host’s property or has incurred any agreed unpaid expenses.  In such case, remaining security will be sent within 15 days of departure to the address provided by the Guest.
  • If technically feasible, Guest may connect  a telephone at Guest’s expense, using existing jacks or, with Host’s consent and permission as to location, by installing a jack in guest’s room. 
  • If staying in a room, Guest will have kitchen privileges.  If kitchen privileges are provided, Guest agrees to leave kitchen and dishes clean after use and be considerate as to timing of use.   If bathroom is shared, Guest agrees to leave bathroom tidy after use. There are laundry facilities available on the premises.  There is to be no smoking on the premises and pets are not permitted unless expressly agreed.  Host is not liable for loss, expense or damage to Guest’s person or property unless it is due to the Host’s negligence.  Guest will be responsible for cleaning own room.  Host will respect Guest’s privacy and will not enter Guest’s room without permission unless urgently necessary.
  • If unit provided is within a family home, Guest agrees to maintain an attitude of decorum, and will insure that Guest’s visitors observe the same decorum.  Guest will treat Host’s property and home with respect.  Guest is responsible to Host for all acts and/or omissions of Guest’s visitors while visitors are on the premises. Guest agrees to abide by the rule of quiet time after 9 P.M.  Guest may entertain a visitor until that time.  Guest may not have an overnight visitor unless agreed in advance with Host.  An additional fee may be charged as agreed between Host & Guest.
  • In the event Guest or Host considers that the other has violated any term of this Agreement, the aggrieved party will provide the alleged violator with one written Warning or Notice to cure that violation.  Host and Guest will attempt to resolve their disagreement directly.  If they cannot, HomeStay, if requested to do so, will use its best efforts to help resolve the dispute via discussion with both parties.  However, HomeStay cannot guarantee that it will be successful in bringing a resolution.
  • It is expressly understood between the parties to this Agreement that this Agreement is not intended to create a landlord and tenant relationship between Host and Guest, and Guest acknowledges that no tenancy is created by virtue of either this Agreement or by Guest’s occupancy in Host’s premises.  If lodging is a room in a family home, this Agreement may be terminated at  any time by Host or Guest upon giving three (3) days’ notice.  If lodging is in an independent unit, this Agreement may be terminated with 30 days notice.  In the event of termination, Guest will be liable to Host for any unpaid per diem charges and any other charges due pursuant to this Agreement.  Host, in the event of termination, will be liable to Guest for any prepaid charges covering the period after termination and any security remaining in Host’s possession after deduction for any unpaid charges due to Host from Guest.  There will be no other liability as between Host and Guest in the event of termination of the Agreement.


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